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Measures 120x60x30
35 kilos maximum

The bicycle touring BICYCLE can be stored in EASYGOBACK storage, you will need it to enjoy a vacation traveling the roads of Gran Canaria and enjoy your favorite sport.
In addition to the bicycle touring BIKE you can consign and store things such as: swimsuits or clothing to be used for Maspalomas, Anfi, Playa del Ingles, Puerto Mogán and all the beaches in Gran Canaria.
For repeat tourists with a short vacation to Maspalomas, Playa Del Ingles, Las Canteras and Puerto de Mogán, with a cabin suitcase and come to enjoy the roads with their bicycle touring throughout Gran Canaria.
Because you can also store your costumes for Maspalomas carnivals in addition to your cycling BIKE, you will also have your costume. You can come to the Gran Canarios festivals or like the Maspalomas Gay Pride held several times a year in Maspalomas.
Also for clients who do the famous Trans Gran Canaria race who cross the island of Gran Canaria arriving at the Maspalomas dunes in Gran Canaria and need to keep their sports clothing with backpack or your cycling BICYCLE for moments of enjoyment of sports. favorite.
 Charge with a bicycle touring BICYCLE from home to Maspalomas, you will reload with a cycling touring BICYCLE from Gran Canaria to home.Why, having a storage room in Gran Canaria to store your cycling touring BICYCLE?
The price to store a bicycle touring BICYCLE the slogan EASYGOBACK, compared to taking and bringing to Gran Canaria, it is very economically profitable to take this service to store cycling BICYCLE tourism in Gran Canaria and enjoying beaches like Maspalomas.
The EASYGOBACK luggage store also has a home pick-up and drop-off service (Maspalomas, Playa Del Ingles, Las Canteras and Puerto Mogán and the rest of the island of Gran Canaria, wherever customers are staying, they want to enjoy again to run around winding roads.
Saving is recycling. All the beaches like Maspalomas, Playa Del Ingles, Las Canteras and Pozo Izquierdo will thank you.
Saving allows you to buy warm and durability and the touring bike will only be used by you.
EASYGOBACK will make the contract for you to guard your bicycle touring BICYCLE by moving to your residence. You can pay cash or card.
We have a better price to facilitate the return to Gran Canaria more times a year. You can hire cheaper flight tickets to Gran Canaria without special luggage such as BICYCLE touring to enjoy the Gran Canaria roads more times.
EASYGOBACK we like to store the touring BICYCLE and give it many uses.
EASYGOBACK we like to keep the cycling BIKE to facilitate the return of tourists who love our island of Gran Canaria, like all its landscapes: Maspalomas, Ayacata, Tejeda, etc.
Enjoy the roads Maspalomas, Tejeda, Mogan, everything in Gran Canaria, don't worry about your bicycle touring, we will take care of it.
Do not rent a bicycle touring bike, it is cheaper to have your cycling touring BICYCLE for your favorite sport in Gran Canaria.

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Phone+34 605 454 054 


García Lorca

35110 Vecindario

Santa Lucía de Tirajana

Gran Canaria


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